New Blog Themes Are Exhausting.

I know it’s not actually that new blog themes are exhausting, they fun! It isn’t even that choosing a new blog theme is exhausting, I find that fun too! My issue with choosing a new blog theme is once I find one I love, and I click around my website in my preview mode, I’ll stumble upon something that looks absolutely awful because I reformatted it to look nice with my current theme. Show of hands how many people this happens to. That many! Haha, lots, I’m sure!

Specifically it’s titles, actually it’s the H1 or maybe the H2 that is used in in the ‘text and media’ Gutenberg block I like to use on index pages, like this one. So when I set up this current version of the blog with this theme, I must have tweaked that a bit in the CSS maybe or maybe it was some fancy override Chris did, I honestly have no idea. I just know that there are some really beautiful themes – that are all SEO optimized – that look kind of weird and only there, just the headings of that block. It’s an issue because it’s a widely used block, at least on my blog and I love the functionality of it so it stays. I will have to deal with the theme issue another day or tweak the formatting until it works. Not tonight though!

Most of this afternoon was devoted to working on a pattern that is going to be published somewhere I can’t talk about yet! The tech editor for this publication is very helpful and kind and I really appreciate all the work that goes into formatting (there’s that word again) patterns to work for knitters with a wide variety of skill sets and languages. This experience also makes me want to submit to more publications because as hard as it can be to get something just right, it is so exciting to see it come together professoinally, and SO exciting to know that so many people will see it, and knit it, that would never have laid eyes on it otherwise. I will post about it the day it is released. Oooooof course.

I’ve also been working on the dragon costume a bit. I am currently working on the back piece and it’ll be pretty long so there are a lot of scales to knit before I can move on to the next piece and not a lot of progress to show. I will however, share the photo I just posted to my Instagram because it’s one I haven’t shared of Gizmo in his Highway sweater and I’m madly in love.

This dog is sooooo cute. His mom has test knitted for me a few times now and seeing him in her work is just the sweetst thing.

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