“That’s the thing with handmade items. They still have the person’s mark on them, and when you hold them, you feel less alone.”
-Aimee Bender

Here you’ll find interviews with (and articles about) makers in the fiber arts community and beyond, plus fun window shopping galleries of their shops.

Laura of Laurel Knits

The first time I came across the LaurelKnits Instagram, I was immediately inspired to knit a pair of socks. There is just something about the way Laura designs and photographs her socks that makes people want to stop what they’re doing and cast on a new pair. All the more inspiring is that she’s pursuing her master’s degree at Helsinki University while creating all these beautiful socks! Her posts have also inspired me to dig out half finished pairs of socks from the WIP graveyard just to have a new pair complete! My Color Palette Socks were the first pair that I ever did two at a time magic loop style, and really had me falling in love with Laura’s design style. They’re such a fun pattern to knit because you can mix up the colours however you’d like to and it will always turn out cute!

Click here to read the full interview and some stunning socks!

Shelley of Polka Dot Creek Hand Dyed Yarns

I first heard about Polka Dot Creek in an episode of the Cozy Up Knits podcast a couple of years ago. So when I was later searching for wooden sock blockers from a Canadian source, and their Etsy shop came up, I recognized the name and immediately was swooning over all their gorgeous yarns. I’ve also been using these sock blockers, the ones they made for their annual Creekside Yarn Festival, for almost two years now and I still love them dearly.

Click here to read the interview and for a peek at yarn dying for Ukraine!

Katie of Mindfulness Makes

I use these stitch markers every day, and they just make me so happy. My current favourite is the yellow candy, but my all time favourite is the Christmas tree. I love it so much that when Nacho got to it and chew it up, I immediately ordered another one even though it was not at all in season. 🤪

I also want to take this opportunity to gush about her collection of yarns with matching charms. It’s a brilliant idea, and the yarn is available in two bases, the suri and the fingering and you can hold them together!

Click here to read the interview and see some behind the scenes progress photos!