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Wooden Wrist Watch

If you’ve been following my Instagram for a while, you already know that I love my Jord wooden watch. If you’re not following me, find me here –>

So I’ve had my wooden watch for about a year and I love it because it’s easy to style with pretty much any outfit, but you can also be lazy and just throw it on with cut offs and a t-shirt and it’s still cute.

My dad is getting a Jord watch this year for Father’s Day and I wanted to share which one I picked for him and some other really nice options. I love giving something a little fancy to my folks for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, (this year I got my mom some cute Victoria’s Secret pajamas and the new Lancôme perfume), so a nice watch is a great fit. Even if it’s not used every day, they think of me when they do!

I’ve teamed up with Jord to host a little contest for $100 off the price of any Jord watch, enter here –>

I’ll save the watch I picked for my Dad until the end, and first share some other watches I love.

This first one is the Koa and Black watch from the Dover collection. If I was getting a watch for my husband, this would be it. The numbers on it are sharp and clear, and the face has a window on it to the gears of the watch. I love the look of that for him, or anyone who is into engineering and technology.

I like this version with the black ring on the face, but it’s also available in a light tan color.

I really love the look of the dark wood with the black ring, and this watch face has seconds marked around the wooden frame.
The entire Sawyer collection is stylized in this big, bulky way that is perfect for guys who like a heavier looking watch, and these wooden watches are actually very light. So it gives the look without the weight.

This specific style has a big splash of color and a busier face than some of the others with displays for seconds, date, month, and day.
This is another one I think my Dad would really like, though his style does not match the light zebrawood finish, but I know he’d love the square shape and the slight bevel in the frame.

I used to wear men’s watches when I was a teenager and this is I style I would have loved to wear with my boho dresses! So, it’s not always for the guys!
The Argent style from the Meridian collection has a fun, almost steampunk feel to it. It has the same clean lines as all the other styles, but seeing a peek of the gears, similar to the watches in the Dover collection, makes it more interesting for guys who are more into tech than others.
I’ve mentioned before, my Dad’s style is very Johnny Cash. He’s cooler than me and is usually dressed in all black. So for him, I went with the Ebony & Ivory from the Hyde collection.

I really liked it for him because the face of the watch is so clean, with no numbers, aside from the inset clock and the calendar.

The black wood grain is beautiful, and not too shiny or flashy. Just enough! I had the back of it engraved with a sweet family saying and I’m sure he’s going to love it.

Check out my Instagram stories next weekend to see my Dad model his new watch!

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