Tortilla Melt (dairy free)

This little lunch idea is so simple, and so good. I’ve been making it since the summer of 2012 and it’s still one of my favorites. You need to use your very favorite of each of these ingredients to be really great. There was a time, back in 2012, when I was making most of these ingredients, even the tortillas, from scratch! Now I use the best ingredients I can get my hands on and I love it just as much.

All you’ll need is:
2 tortillas
non dairy cheese style shreds
tomatoes or bell peppers
whatever kind of dip you like (I sometimes use Italian dressing)

Spread hummus on both tortillas, and sprinkle your non dairy shreds on top of just one of them.

Then sprinkle some tomato chunks (or bell pepper chunks) on top and grill it up like a grilled cheese! Done! See? Easy and so so good!

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