Héloïse by Soohyun Nam

Pattern: Héloïse by Soohyun NamYarn: Less Traveled Yarn Sport in Merlot & Belladonna Is this one of the most beautiful shawls you’ve ever seen or no? I feel like the answer must be yes because just look at this! So I have gushed about this pattern before, first in real time on my Instagram while… Continue reading Héloïse by Soohyun Nam

Laura of Laurel Knits

The first time I came across the LaurelKnits Instagram, I was immediately inspired to knit a pair of socks. There is just something about the way Laura designs and photographs her socks that makes people want to stop what they’re doing and cast on a new pair. All the more inspiring is that she’s pursuing… Continue reading Laura of Laurel Knits

Mindfulness Makes

Katie is listening to: When the Summer Dies by deadmau5 and Lights (all makers are asked what their current favourite song is and we’re making a playlist of them all) Maker’s Mix on Spotify Full disclosure on this very first Featured Maker interview, I asked Katie, the talented human behind Mindfulness Makes notions and yarns,… Continue reading Mindfulness Makes

Apple Caramel Pie

This recipe is really just an apple pie with caramels, buuuuut it’s a really good apple pie with caramels! I’ve made this pie with homemade vegan caramels, homemade traditional caramels and again with store bought traditional caramels and they both work just as well so use whichever you normally would. The base apple pie is… Continue reading Apple Caramel Pie

Old Fashioned Waffles

Simple, basic, perfect for crazy toppings or a Wednesday morning. Waffles like your granny used to make. I have been using this Cuisinart waffle maker since 2010 with no issues.