Here you’ll find easy, healthy recipes made with simple ingredients to fuel your life, and practical tips and guides on establishing healthy habits to change your life for the better.

Consider this your quick start guide to eating healthy and making positive changes in your life with new habits. Start here with this post on 5 ways to change your life!

5 Steps to Change Your Life

Try this super simple (and healthy) two ingredient bagel recipe that is gluten free, vegan and there’s no waiting for the dough to rise!

2 Ingredient Gluten Free, Vegan Bagels

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Creating new habits is the first step is a life makeover! This video explains my basic chore system to keep everything in it’s place without cleaning all the time

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May drinking water from her pineapple tumbler cup through a straw

About May

All the tips and ideas on this site come from my own personal experience and positive changes I’ve made in my own life. Eating clean, being active every day, and staying organized have changed my whole world!

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