“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.”
-Elizabeth Zimmermann

MrsShank.com is home to tutorials, detailed pattern notes, and love letters to yarns and designers – plus interviews with makers in the fiber arts community!

After 13 years of food blogging, and knitting for 19 years, creating this website is an ongoing work in progress highlighting all the fun and function of knitting and the community surrounding it! My weekly podcast is uploaded to YouTube every Thursday, and I’m posting WIPs and FOs and beautiful yarns every day on Instagram.

Knit With Me #10

As wonderful as the pattern pages on Ravelry are, it is not always accessible to everyone, and there is not enough room to really get into the detailed pattern notes we all love, so you can find that in the Pattern Notes section!

Love Letters was created as a way to talk about how wonderful a specific yarn, designer, notion, or whathaveyou is with links an photos and ideas for how to use, or where to get it!

Learning new knitting techniques is so fun and can really level up your knitting, but it can also sometimes feel frustrating when it’s difficult to recreate something you’ve never done before. Pictured to the left is my first pair of two at a time socks on circular needles using the magic loop method.

My video tutorials aim to help with that and make it easier to learn something new with clear, concise and easy to follow videos. This collection will grow every week and includes both full garment walkthroughs and specific stitches.

I am an avid test knitter and love to learn new things and then share what I have leaned with you!

The fiber arts community is such a big part of learning to knit and being inspired every day by other knitters and makers. You’ll find fun interviews in the Makers section, from yarn dyers, designers, notions makers and others in the fiber arts community!

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